A Simple Key For pongal pulli kolam Unveiled

The Ladies ordinarily clear the ground with cow dung, as being the cow dung acts being an antibacterial solution that avert germs or any dangerous diseases coming into the home. Then the kolam is drawn utilizing the rice flour and decorated extremely very well.

The kolam previously mentioned is of dot grid 15 to 1 (ner pulli).  Nevertheless it's with 15 dots it is fairly straightforward to attract.  The patterns beneath the neck (that symbolize the wings! are drawn very first over the four sides.  The central floral pattern is additional.

This impression represents an intermediate phase from the kolam structure soon after drawing the 7 floral styles.  The design for the centre as well as the designs connecting the dots in between the interior designs and also the outer bouquets are drawn.

This kolam provides a geometrical sample after you hook up the straight line With all the dots. You can give diverse colors As outlined by your desire to differentiate the styles. The star in between separates the sample and also the flower sort of design in between the patterns could be the higher light-weight.

To clarify it even further if a person draws a ner pulli kolam having a 15 to 1 dot sample it ensures that the central row of dots is 15 and the last row has a single dot  - odd variety of dots are put in descending order i.

Folks presently start out applying lots of materials to make the kolam seem additional beautiful and shiny. They use rice flour blended with h2o, deliver it towards the paste like consistency and after that draw the kolam to make it glance bright.

This put up has truly been present with the kolam over the graphic greater than. Considering that the report title indicates it is a seven dot pulli kolam. It could be categorised as a simple poo kolam (poo in Tamil signifies flower).

This creativeness has gone to the next level by conducting competitions in the streets to check whose kolam is the best. These competitions are performed on numerous occasions so that we don't fail to remember our custom.

A unique variety of sangu kolam that may be drawn for festivals like Navaratri or Krishna Janmashtami.

It can be our tradition to have a deepam kolam that includes a lamp design, this kolam is principally drawn on festivals like Diwali or kaarthigai deepam in an effort a fantastic read to symbolize that it's a Competition of lights.

Thus far I have posted lots of  free of charge hand rangoli true on the title Rangoli-sans-dots which means rangoli with no dots.  Nevertheless rangoli with dots can also be attractive and have  their own individual charm.   I am able to draw some, thanks  to my mom-in-law and mom  who taught me some of this  variety.

The elephant kolam fashion is a well-liked kolam with dots present in Neighborhood area. Furthermore It's really a effectively-preferred kolam inside our relatives. Just as We’ve acquired “domestic songs” inside of our films, there are various rangolis with dots which have been widespread inside of our partner and youngsters for decades.

3x3 symmetry nine goddesses swastika Kolam with only one cycle by Nagata S, each of which corresponds to one of the nine Devi (Goddess) of the Vedic method

There are many approaches for drawing a simple lotus kolam structure. I have extra on the list of simplest methods. The result is a formidable kolam via a simple system.  Location seven dots in two rows and underneath them place 5 dots in 3 rows.

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